By declaring a climate and ecological emergency it brings into question what we teach and learn.

1. Learning from the experience of others.

By declaring and recognising the emergency it brings into question what we teach and learn.

This is likely to be a long process of working with senior leaders and governors, with each school being different. Outcomes may include setting particular aims, changing curriculum and creating new roles within the school.

Go to the declaration section of resources to see documents from primary and secondary schools on progress they have made in declaring emergencies.



2. Link up your plans

Pin your insitution on the Google map below as either ‘working on declaration’ or ‘have declared’. Include what you are doing.

Contact and connect to other individuals and institutions to share learning.

3. Make lots of noise about your declaration.

Contact local media, council, parents, put on social media, List of actions being pushed at spread around your physical networks.

Map showing Educational Institutions that are declaring:

 To show this growing learning rebellion please get in touch so we can add you to the map, whether you are starting to push to declare and emergency or are well on the way to transforming education in your institution.

Either add yourself directly to the map, or email with the name of your institution, postcode and a sentence or two about what you are doing.