“Sometimes our meetings end in tears because people have never experienced a workplace where every voice truly matters”

Hope Wilder, Founder of Pathfinder School, USA

Decolonisation of education

4.1 White privilege test: created by the anti-racist educator

4.2 Race and racism in English Secondary Schools: Runnymede Trust 2020 report

4.3 Pran Patel decolonisation resources: questioning our individual, institutionalised (organisational) and structural (systemic) racism. Where do our actions and decisions lead us? How are we complicit?

Collaboration and support

4.4 SEed ‘attitudes to sustainability’ survey: different versions available for ages six and up

4.5 School case studies and models

4.6 Leeds DEC curriculum: how to fit in relevant knowledge from KS1 to KS4

4.7 Our Planet LAB Toolkit: WWF toolkit which outlines the steps that a class or group can take to monitor, study and improve local biodiversity

4.8 Covid and outdoors audit

4.9 Solar for Schools: get solar panels on school buildings without cost or risk to the school

Taking a moral and ethical stance

4.10 Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share in Education: book and resources for educators working with 3 to 12 year olds which uses permaculture approaches

4.11 Fossil fuel banks: the banks which no school should be using

4.12 Sociocracy in Schools: case studies and approaches to create harmonious, consent-based learning environments