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“If we don’t defeat climate change what happens then?”

Shreya, year 3

Taking a moral and ethical stance

5.1 The most extensive list of relevant resources: created by London and SE Eco Schools network

5.2 Climate Collapse scheme of work: by Geography Paul

5.3 Primary School creative exploration of climate change: by Professor Julia Steinberger

5.4 Learning through Landscapes: Outdoor learning ideas

5.5 List of outdoor learning links

Decolonisation of education

5.6 The Black Curriculum: includes some free resources

5.7 Survival International: link to video and articles

5.8 International BIPOC environmentalists and conservationists

Collaboration and support

5.9 Education for a sustainable planet: 5 hour course for all educators

5.10 EduCCate Global funding opportunity: through the British Council

5.11 School streets: streets have been blocked of traffic, both authorised and unauthorised