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“Homo sapiens, it turns out, is the most cooperative species on the planet, outperforming ants, hyenas, and even the naked mole-rat when it comes to living alongside those who are beyond our next of kin.”

Kate Raworth, Economist

Collaboration and support

3.1 People’s Assembly Guide: for secondary school students and educators

3.2 KS2 People’s Assembly Guide

3.3 Supporting new and trainee teachers: a series of considerations

3.4 Fire circles as an approach to meetings

Decolonisation of education

3.5 Climate Reframe Project: highlights some of the best Black, Brown, Asian, People of Colour and Indigenous people who are climate experts, campaigners and advocates living and working in the UK.

3.6 A people’s orientation to a regenerative economy: US focused but with considerations relevant globally.

Taking a moral and ethical stance

3.7 Doughnut Economics

3.8 Ellen MacArthur foundation: learning resources for all ages on the circular economy

3.9 2040 film: a vision of a positive future which we have all the required technologies to realise