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“Nature can be befriended. Just like with any relationship, it deepens the more time you spend with someone and lockdown has presented this opportunity to nurture connection through regular companionship.”

Beth Collier, Psychotherapist

Collaboration and support

2.1 Climate Psychology Alliance: toolkit, podcasts, events

2.2 Force of Nature workshops: online classrooms for young people to discuss eco-phobia and anxiety

2.3 Force of Nature podcasts: Clover Hogan speaks to prominent people about our crisis

Taking a moral and ethical stance

2.4 Jo McAndrews videos on how to speak to young people about climate change: covering from age 3 to 14+

2.5 Thoughtbox climate curriculum: a free fully supported climate-crisis curriculum to empower the climate strike generation for all key stages

2.6 New Zealand’s Climate Curriculum wellbeing guide: alongside their climate and ecology teaching materials is a guide for supporting young people

Decolonisation of education

2.7 Pran Patel’s decolonisation guide: a series of questions and considerations for moving towards the decolonisation of education

2.8 Black absence in green spaces: article by Beth Collier

2.9 Black nature narratives: offering Black peoples’ perspectives on issues relating to the natural world and our relationship with nature